Our Service

Consultancy Service

The Consultancy, Coaching & Counseling Services are provided to support Clients shift their perspectives and thereby discover different approaches to achieve their goals

Workshop & Training

The Courses focus is to improve the People Capacity with an emphasis on neuroleadership, neuromarketing/sales, and other essential business skills


The Assessments of the Intelligence, Personality and bioPsychology related aspects are provided in 4 (four) different Profiling types: Glimpse, Explore, Discovery, and Personify

Personal Capacity Development

To achieve the Client's Goals, The Personal Capacity Development Programs are provided with neuroplasticity principles in Holistic Nature and Nurture Interplay approach

Explore Our Framework

1. DISCOVERY Profiling

The purpose of this Pre-Assessment is to uncover information on psychological, biological and brain activities related aspects

2. Personal Development Plan

Client's Collaboration-Insight-Support and Behavior Assessment are essential throughout the Personal Capacity Development Planning Session

3. Nurturing Programs

Nature & Nurture Interplay and neuroplasticity principles are applied during Workshop, Training and Consultative Service

4. Post Assessment

To ensure what Clients set out to do was actually achieved, moreover both the Clients and Participants benefit from the Development Program's outcome

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Benefits of Our Method


The Personal Capacity Development Program is unique for every single Participant, for specific job, managerial level, industry, etc

Comprehensive Methodology

Holistic approach is taking into consideration as an integrated approach views the person as a whole and indivisible entity

Better Understanding

The Brain Technologies and Client's Collaboration has important role to specify the Development Programs for every Participant

Better Accuracy

The Now Digital Technologies make it easier to produce more quantitative work and better accuracy

Anytime Anywhere

We live in a digital time, the best thing is to let Clients and Participants do the online testing in their suitable way

Just in Time

We understand Client's time is precious

Plans built for every one

There are 4 (four) Profiling types, that may suitable for Client's need for different purposes


The Personify Profiling is designed for specific purposes


This Online Testing consists of some major Intelligence and Personality Tests


The Explore Profiling is formed of Glimpse Online Testing and bioCheck


Pre-requisite for Personal Capacity Development Programs